queen creek auto repair check engine light onWhen the check engine light goes on, it’s easy to think, “it’s probably nothing”, but the plain truth is that warning light means there is a problem. It could be something simple or it could mean you better check it out quick before you damage your vehicle.

Bring Us Your Hard To Diagnose Problems

Being in the automotive repair field for over 30 years means we’ve seen and repaired almost every problem a car can have.  Of course we do all the usual services every other mechanic does…oil changes, brake service, engine tune ups and all…but here at Bill’s Auto Garage, we specialize in the ‘hard to figure out repairs’ that make other car care centers pull their hair out.  Some of the challenging items we like:

  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Airbag (SRS) Repair
  • Emission Control Issues
  • Anti-lock Brakes (ABS, TRAC) Repair
  • Electrical Problems


We’ll Pick It Up & Drop It Off

If you live in Power Ranch or the Seville development, we’ll make having your car serviced about as easy as honking your horn.  Just give us a shout and we’ll come pick your vehicle up, service it and bring it back to you.  Think about how much time that saves you! Just another one of the benefits of using a veteran ASE certified mechanic with years of customer satisfaction under his belt.

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